...were a key factor in the selection of the core herd.  Pedigrees for each horse available upon request and a pedigree will be added for each horse over the next few weeks, so you can see for yourself, their impressive ancestry.  
Here is just a sample of what you will find:
Chianti, Dell Teras, Komokos, Bond, Jandts, Vant Huttenest, Flying W Farms, Toyland Zodiac, Brewers Orion, 
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 and the home of Appy Little Angels miniature horses.  A place where you will find the main focus is high quality miniature appaloosas. There are also  pintaloosa, pinto and solid colored miniatures that have top bloodlines. There are several 100% pure Falabellas, with most of the herd being Falabella blends.  

Appy Little Angels goals are...
to produce "quality" miniature horses with loud color, gorgeous heads, luscious manes and tails, with target height ranges from  28"-32". 
...but even with all those outstanding characteristics, there had to be more to them then just spots.  Unique patterns, exclusive to appaloosa and pintaloosa genetics were needed. And look what was found through endless searching and selective breeding! A.L.A.'s  herd is enhanced with these rare patterns. And will be Appy Little Angels future foals legacy.   Don't miss the rare blue eye(s) in several of the horses.  

(Click on each photo to enlarge and see a brief description of the markings.)  
Grulla base color, Zebra bars, on all four legs plus a gorgeous blanket make Zeb one of a kind.
Peacock spots on Raphael, a blue roan leopard appalooas make him valuable color and pattern producer for future generations.
True tri-clor leopard spots, black & brown with white  lightning/ggreatguflash marks in his bay coloring.
"Correctness" are some examples of the strive for the conformation of the appaloosa horse in miniature. 
Don't let their other spotted beauty distract you from their outstanding conformation. 

             Calypso, clipped and show ready.                                             Zeb, straight out of the pasture.

Temperament & Personality...
....give the Appy Little Angels herd something that many others can't offer.  LOVING, friendly and well rounded little equines.  No matter what your reasons for owning a miniature horse, from professional showing to our few pet quality minis, you will have a priceless companion for life with these sweet angels.  

These pictures below says it all. 
For the love of the horse...the miniature horse!
Puff at 6 months and me and 8 years later.
                                                         My special little man.  
And now for the BIG appys.  Storm is a 27 year old, 16.1hh tricolor foundation bred leopard appaloosa gelding. 

Halo is an 8 year old 100% foundation bred clear leopard appaloosa with no roaning and huge tricolor spots. 
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Welcome to a little heaven...on Earth.
The Big Boys

Enjoy your  visit and come back often to share the beauty and love which makes Apply Little Angels the special place it is.  
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