Komokos Miss Lo Litto
Solid Black 34.0"
Komokos Dino
Solid Black 29.5"
Grays Miss Peanut
Solid Black 35.5" FO
Sallees Little Lisa
Bay Pinto 34.0"
4 Gs Fashionable Chassie
Solid Chestnut 33.75"
Meekers Medicine Hat
Grey Pinto 32.0"
DelTeras Judy
DelTeras JimDandy
Blue Roan Appaloosa 31.0"
Bon Richwoods Happy D Appy
Chestnut Appaloosa 32.5"
Domin Shay Peanut
Blue Roan 29.5"
Burnsides Bambi
Roan Appaloosa 34.0"
CVF Scarlet Eagle
Dun Appaloosa 34.0"
Raders Spotted Moon Shadow
Leopard  Appaloosa 33.25"
Native Son
Black Appaloosa 32.0"
Bay Appaloosa  33.0"
Gotaways Shadow Of The Son
Black Appaloosa 33.0"
4 Gs Fashionable Red
Solid Sorrel  33.5"
4 Gs Little Goldie
4 Gs Medicine Hats Classy Chassis
Sorrel Pinto 32.0"
Dell Teras Eagle
Solid Black 29.0"
D.O.B. 07/13/05, 32.5"
Grulla, Blanket Appy with Zebra Bars all four legs
"Zeb" is our wildest colored and patterned appaloosa. He is a grulla or dun blanketed appaloosa with primitive markings, including zebra bars on all four legs. I have never seen a more uniquely-marked miniature appaloosa horse. He has wonderful conformation and a very good temperament.   Watch for his future foals, who will no doubt be beautifully colored and refined. Just can't wait to see the foals he produces and the unique coloring and patterns he will pass on.   His sire proved himself in the show ring on the East coast, and he has very loud appy siblings  His one-of-a-kind coloring and markings are only shadowed by an awesome pedigree.   His dam is a Del Teras direct line mare. What more could you ask for?  This boy will snatch the attention of everyone, in and out of a show ring.

Photos below are from when he was a weanling, so you can see that his markings have been there since day one and remained just as vivid as he matures.  He clips out to be a very steel grey, so uncertain at this time if he is grulla or primitive dun.

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